Following on the heels of the recent migration, I added ten more articles to the site. Nine of these posts were pulled from the archives and revised a bit, and one article is about a new release from pianists Yukako Yamano and Yukari Inoue.

  1. Arco: Asymmetry - piano and cello duet play jazz/classical/pop
  2. Hiroco Nagano: Okurimono - vocal and piano duo on a mini-album
  3. Hitomi Nishiyama Trio: Many Seasons - piano trio with European jazz flavor
  4. Junichiro Ohkuchi Trio: Invisible - soulful Japanese jazz trio
  5. Koichi Sato: Melancholy of a Journey - piano trio plus guitar, cello, and clarinet
  6. Mayuko Katakura: Inspiration - hard bop piano trio
  7. Rie Taguchi: The Gift - sparkling vocal jazz with a swinging band
  8. Sachiko Ikuta Trio: Haru No Kaze - solid jazz piano trio
  9. Toshihiko Inoue: Vayu - solo sax performance on nature’s stage
  10. Yukako Yamano & Yukari Inoue: Dubai Suite - a Dec 2021 release featuring two pianos

Next, I will continue to revise and republish older articles here and add new content as well. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts or feedback.