This site is about modern jazz albums from Japan and Japanese musicians. My motivation is to provide straightforward descriptions of jazz recordings from Japanese musicians with photos, audio clips, and links to more information. Rather than a music critic’s album reviews, these are simple introductions of new music to enjoy, jazz from Japan.

A note on names

In most cases, names on this site are shown in “first name last name” order in English (given name first), and “last name first name” order in Japanese (family name first).



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Several years ago I started to go through a part of my collection of Japanese Jazz CDs and realized that it would be great to share this music with others, particularly those who may not have heard of these musicians before. Since many of these albums are only available in Japan and in Japanese, they may be challenging to discover. I decided to share photos and brief comments about the music as I went through my collection, disc by disc.

Some of the content for this website was originally published on as a WordPress website (2018-2021), then on as a Substack newsletter (2021-2022). Starting in January 2022, I plan to publish new articles and update old articles here on