Ami Fukui’s third album New Journey grabs the listener’s attention with colorful, immersive songs, 11 well-crafted originals played with exciting energy and vigor.

Much of the music builds on strong rhythms and bassline hooks (credit given to Kudo and Fukumori, whose brightness and expert rhythms fit the music perfectly), over which catchy melodies soar.

Throughout the album, surprises and discoveries often surface – bonus interludes, doubled-up lines, coordinated syncopation, even some voice and handclaps - compositional embellishments that demonstrate Fukui’s dedication to careful songwriting which pleases the listener. The result: lush music that grooves with fun, pure and simple.

New Journey by Ami Fukui Trio

Released in 2016 on Diw The Grace as DG-1007.

Japanese Names: Ami Fukui 福井亜実 Show Kudo 工藤精 Yasushi Fukumori 福森康 Akiko Suda 須田晶子

Audio and Video

Excerpt from the title track, "New Journey":

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