Jazz organ trio Aquapit’s first album from 2011 sets up the scene for a rollicking jazz party featuring the warm and fuzzy sounds of a funky jazz organ trio.

The trio Aquapit consists of guitar, drums, and of course the unmistakable sound of the Hammond B3 organ, easily recognizable from classic jazz records and legendary organists Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, and others. The power and otherworldly vibrations produced by this instrument can thrill audiences (once designed for churches as a pipe-organ alternative, a big box of “electric flutes”), and features in modern day jazz jam bands such as Medeski Martin and Wood, Soulive, and others.

This first album from Aquapit offers eleven original songs, all of a piece, jam jazz music conjured from naughty rock, blues, and a touch of club and funk. A fun and engrossing atmosphere is maintained, propelled by fuzzy, bubbling organ, snazzy guitar, and sizzling drum work. Song titles like “Street Lights”, “Thumb Up!”, and “River” flow by as the moods change like a lava lamp, from poppy and snappy, slippery and groovy, to slower jams and sleek spiraling riffs. Yet marking the title and track changes too closely can almost be beside the point, as it is so easy to simply enjoy the plush sounds and good vibrations from start to finish as a whole.

Aquapit by Aquapit

Released in 2011 on Mocloud Records as DDCZ-1758.

Japanese Names: Yuta Kaneko 金子雄太 Yosuke Onuma 小沼ようすけ Hidenobu "Kalta" Otsuki 大槻“KALTA”英宣

Audio and Video

Excerpt from "Street Lights", the first track on this album:

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Sep 19, 2020