Jazz singer Atomi Hamada releases This Is Atomi, a five-track debut featuring songs she has loved as jazz instrumental standards. Here, using her voice as an instrument, she adds a fresh dimension to songs that some listeners may have heard only instrumentally before.

This is intimate, close-quarters jazz, with piano and bass backing up the vocals for a soft mellow mood.

Starting with a quiet dynamic, Hamada sings a wistful “Round Midnight” before moving to a relaxed “Speak No Evil” and a cheery “All The Things You Are”. She wraps up the five-track album with a catchy “Ladies in Mercedes” and a reconstructed “Confirmation” to close the set on a bebop high.

This Is Atomi by Atomi Hamada

Released in 2017 on Atomi Hamada as This Is Atomi.

Japanese Names: Atomi Hamada 浜田亜東実 Momo Nonami 野波桃 Hiroaki Mizutani 水谷浩章

Audio and Video

Excerpt from track 3 on this album, "All The Things You Are":

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