The living music from vocal a cappella groups can be inspiring and soothing in turbulent times, with voices layered in harmony and synchronized timing for direct connections with each other and the audience. The five-piece group Baby Brothers from Tokyo released their debut Bb in 2007 with their well-arranged jazz, R&B, and hymn-like traditionals. With only their voices and no other instruments, the quality of vocal organic vibrations can powerfully connect with reassuring joy through a skillful, very human communal experience.

Happy and hopeful, the album’s jazz numbers include swinging tunes “Over The Rainbow”, “Take Five”, “Almost Like Being In Love”, and “Night In Tunisia”, performed with lush arrangements and nice decorations like vocal bass lines, beats, and horn imitations, used tastefully and not overdone. One can imagine the members’ uplifting smiles and movements as they work together to resonate voices in position.

In addition to the jazz tunes, others genres perfectly suited to Baby Brothers include R&B, spiritual and traditional music, including Al Jarreau’s “Could You Believe”, the reverent “Lamb of God”, and the folk song “The Water Is Wide”, working together to raise the inspirational quality of the album. All songs are performed in English, save the last tune “Furusato”, a wistfully beautiful reminiscence about home and the love remaining there.

Bb by Baby Brothers

  • Sanae Ishikawa - vocal
  • Monet - lead vocal, 2nd chorus
  • Kyoko Ogata - lead vocal, 3rd chorus
  • Takahiko Goto - lead vocal, 4th chorus, bass, voice trumpet
  • Yohhei - lead vocal, bass, 4th chorus, human beat box

Released in 2007 on Bb Records as Bb.

Japanese Names: Sanae Ishikawa 石川早苗 Kyoko Ogata 緒方京子

Audio and Video

Excerpt from "Over The Rainbow", the first track on this album:

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