On Bungalow’s fourth album You Already Know (2017), the modern jazz group does what they do best with creative jazz, new ideas, and textured sounds. This album is rich with catchy ideas and incorporates elements of jazz groove, free jazz, Indian tabla drums, and electronic sound effects.

You Already Know is part of the band’s series of adventurous and atmospheric releases filled with strong hooks and compelling rhythms. While vamps and percussion anchor the music, shifting tempos, primal folk elements, dreamy improvisation, and some noise effects also factor in on tracks such as “Gravity Snap”, “Imagined Winter”, and the graceful title track. Whether you already know Bungalow’s music or not, this music does take you places.

You Already Know by Bungalow

Released in 2017 on Studio Songs as YZSO-10075.

Japanese Names: Koichi Sato 佐藤浩一 Hiroshi Ikejiri 池尻洋史 Ko Omura 大村亘

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