Modern to the point of futuristic, Open the Green Door features an exciting jazz piano trio with the pianist Hakuei Kim leading a stellar Australian rhythm section of Ben “Donny” Waples on bass and Dave Goodman on drums.

With the mature confidence of solid musicianship balanced with fresh enthusiasm, the trio strives for musical excellence with impressive nimbleness and dark, atmospheric explorations. The album features eight tracks made up of five original compositions from the pianist and three reworked jazz standards.

Right from the opening track “Offer Refused”, Kim’s impressive hummingbird-quick playing demonstrates his quick post-bop fluidity decorated with elegant patterns and rhythmic cells at times reminiscent of Mal Waldron’s playing. In addition to up-tempo and acrobatic flashes, other moods include slow, introspective beauty, stylish riff-rock, and - particularly on the three covers “Beatrice”, “Tempus Fugit”, and “Alone Together” - longing, suspense, and dramatic tension.

Open the Green Door by Hakuei Kim Trio

  • Hakuei Kim - piano
  • Ben “Donny” Waples - double bass
  • Dave Goodman - drums and percussion

Released in 2005 on DIW Records as DIW-631.

Japanese Names: Hakuei Kim ハクエイ・キム

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