Another Ordinary Day from 2002 is pianist Harumi Nomoto’s debut album as a leader of her own jazz trio… actually, two jazz trios. Recorded over two summer days in Tokyo, the exciting young pianist runs through eight tunes: five songs with one trio arrangement and two songs with a second trio. Also included among the trio tracks is one solo piece, where Nomoto plays on piano the quiet and affectionate “You Only Know What I Know” by saxophonist Atsushi Ikeda.

On her later albums Belinda (2007) and Virgo (2014) and at various live shows, Harumi displays talent and affinity for imaginative original compositions not necessarily bound to the standard jazz trademarks. Yet on this first album, Nomoto earns fundamental jazz credit with well-known and swinging jazz standards like “My Shining Hour, “I Didn’t Know What Time It Was”, and “Stardust”.

In addition to these three jazz covers, three originals by Nomoto and two originals by jazz saxophonist Atsushi Ikeda are included. Nomoto’s songs (“Libra Sun”, “Blues on Saturday”, and “Go-Ma”) display early signs of her tendency for addictive grooves and relaxed rhythms, previewing her distinctive talent for imaginative compositions and fresh style.

Another Ordinary Day by Harumi Nomoto Trio

Released in 2002 on Venus Records as TKCV-35311.

Japanese Names: Harumi Nomoto 野本晴美 Norihide Shioda 塩田哲嗣 Masayuki Tawarayama 俵山昌之 Yoshihito Eto 江藤良人

Audio and Video

Excerpt from "My Shining Hour", the first track on the album:

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