Accomplished pianist Junichiro Ohkuchi leads a trio of solid veterans in the straight-ahead jazz tradition on his 2016 album Invisible. The trio works well together, demonstrating the equal partnership and careful intercommunication that occurs between professional jazz musicians. Evident throughout is a confident sense of risky looseness, with complete control of timing and notes, each member supporting and energizing one another.

The pianist Ohkuchi contributes three original songs (the opener is a highlight) with other tunes by Andrew Hill, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and others – undoubtedly influences on Ohkuchi’s piano style.

The result is a skilled piano trio having a great time making high-caliber jazz.

Invisible by Junichiro Ohkuchi Trio

Released in 2016 on Big Mouth Records as Invisible.

Japanese Names: Junichiro Ohkuchi 大口純一郎 Yasushi Yoneki 米木康志 Tamaya Honda 本田珠也

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