Niwatazumi (a large puddle remaining after heavy rainfall) is a wonderful modern jazz record from Kazumi Ikenaga + PAUSELAND. Spacey original compositions and mature musicianship flow in the breathy and open style of a modern ECM recording. Relaxing and anthemic, the music is at times mesmerizing and at other times gently rocking and grooving.

Niwatazumi by Kazumi Ikenaga

  • Kazumi Ikenaga - drums
  • Christian Vuust - tenor saxophone and clarinet
  • Jakob Buchanan - flugelhorn
  • Soren Dahl Jeppesen - guitar
  • Klaus Nørgaard - bass

Released in 2017 on Cloud as DDCJ-4019.

Japanese Names: Kazumi Ikenaga 池長和美

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