Trumpeter Keisuke Nakamura leads a group of contemporary jazz musicians called Humadope, a post-bop Jazz Messengers-styled quintet with a trumpet-sax front line and piano-bass-drums rhythm section. The name itself (a mix of human/mad/dope) suggests a dangerous edge on blisteringly fast tunes as the skilled soloists riotously burn through the changes. Yet, the group handily balances this attitude with a warm sensitivity played on soulful ballads and cooler numbers.

This album consists of well-written original compositions with a few covers thrown in (Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Quincy Jones). Overall, this is an excellent debut with a variety of moods, tempos, and exciting solos showcasing some premium J Jazz from the current crop of musicians.

Humadope by Keisuke Nakamura

Released in 2014 on M581 Records as SDR1401.

Japanese Names: Keisuke Nakamura 中村恵介 Akihiro Nishiguchi 西口明宏 Akane Matsumoto 松本茜 Motoi Kanamori 金森もとい Yasushi Fukumori 福森康 Mamoru Ishida 石田衛 Shun Ishiwaka 石若俊

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