Ideal for peaceful, calming piano, Ken’ichiro Shinzawa’s Piano Works features seven original compositions with a sweet purity in the musical message.

The slow, melodic music conveys a pure innocence, almost evoking Japanese Studio Ghibli movies with scenes of happy animated characters walking through peaceful woods and resting on hillsides. With song titles like “Gentle Breeze” and “Quiet Leaves”, the pianist may have been in a similar state of mind when composing these piano sketches.

The songs are well-structured and composed, calming and easily listenable, with no jagged corners or dissonant harmonics distracting from the relaxed mood. There is a slight Bill Evans feeling, with traces of melodies resembling songs that the famous jazz pianist was known for, like subtle hints of homage. One song, the 12-minute “Above the Sky”, contrasts with the generally serene mood and builds slowly with wild excitement, resembling a long Keith Jarrett-style vamping piano solo.

Piano Works by Ken'ichiro Shinzawa

Released in 2009 on Iceblue Records as IBRC-8001. Re-released in HQCD format in 2012.

Japanese Names: Ken'ichiro Shinzawa 新澤健一郎

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Excerpt from the first track on this album, "Two Lives":

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Apr 16, 2018