Utopia is the debut leader album for pianist Koichi Sato, who reaches for high standards in his original compositions and impressive performances. This is stimulating modern jazz performed by a piano trio not limited by standard jazz conventions, based in jazz tradition while incorporating some classical and pop influences as well.

The nine original songs on this album are full of lyrical freshness balanced with impeccable timing and a sensitive touch. The music covers territory from dream-fantasy jazz waltzes, Lennie Tristano-style post-bop, melancholy ballads, and groovy rock-beat uplifting music, all united with sense of the peace and comfort brought about by Sato’s poetic vision of utopia.

Utopia by Koichi Sato

Released in 2011 on Pony Canyon / Twinkle Note as PCCY-30186.

Japanese Names: Koichi Sato 佐藤浩一 Hiroshi Ikejiri 池尻洋史 Ko Omura 大村亘

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Excerpt from "Mirrored Mirror" on this album:

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