The silvery tones of masterful jazz sax glide and soar through dynamically modern jazz on Mabumi Yamaguchi’s 2017 recording Let Your Mind Alone.

With eight original songs penned by Yamaguchi, the music is solid, confident, dramatic, and melodically entrancing. From the gripping opening track “Sequel To A Dream”, the songs flow with a fantastic balance of stimulation and control, offering various styles from peppy bossa rhythms, loose, modern swing, sweet ballads, and brightly positive tunes mixed with stimulating dark tinges.

Let Your Mind Alone by Mabumi Yamaguchi

Released in 2017 on Spice of Life as SOLJP-0015.

Japanese Names: Mabumi Yamaguchi 山口真文 Yoshitaka Shoji 東海林由孝 Misato Okumura 奥村美里 Ryohei Komaki 小牧良平 Nobuyuki Komatsu 小松伸之

Audio and Video

Excerpt from “Sequel To A Dream”, the opening track on this album:

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Nov 19, 2019