The Japanese vocal-guitar duo Meu Coração releases the stunning A Tempo as a return to an earlier form. While the duo is well known for playing acoustic Brazilian music at sold-out concert halls and their Hall Tone albums, this sixth album presents dramatic variations with an exciting full-band sound.

The album starts with a vibrant “One Note Samba” and also features a catchy “Lawns”, the peppy Brazilian tunes “Corrida De Jangada” and “Batacuda Surgiu”, and a sentimental, lush “Amazon River”. The album closes like a sweet lullaby with a dreamy “Love Me Tender”.

The music grooves with creative arrangements and interesting effects, rooted by the vocal-guitar duo at the core who continue to make music from the heart.

A Tempo by Meu Coracao

Released in 2016 on Eclectic Records as ECLC-101.

Japanese Names: EMiKO VOiCE エミコヴォイス Taro Sukegawa 助川太郎 Ken'ichiro Shinzawa 新澤健一郎 Cokky コッキー Kiyotaka Kuroda 黒田清高 Yasuhiro Yoshigaki 芳垣安洋

Audio and Video

Excerpt from "Samba de Una Nota So", which opens the album:

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