Music that takes you places, Visible/Invisible from the Ryosuke Hashizume Group presents six works of art from the saxophonist/composer, perfectly executed by the five musicians, through mellow, warm electric guitar, grooving and smooth electric fretless bass, organic and emotive piano, thrillingly creative drumming, and center-stage visceral tenor sax, filling out the spaces of otherworldly jazz.

Through sounds ranging from ethereal and delicate to deep and groovy, the music steadily develops in dramatic style, patiently, with nooks and crannies of musical texture creating a fulfilling, lush experience. This is art music, creative jazz with rock, modern classical, and free elements, carefully crafted with space for the skilled musicians to stretch out together, painting fantastic and vivid colors with harmonic richness and rhythmic dynamicism.

With six songs ranging from eight to 16 minutes each, the music breathes with life: From the opener “Journey”, flowing like water over a delicate lattice of cymbals and drums, moving into “The Last Day of Summer”, a mysterious melody storytelling over a jazz/rock fusion riff, contrasted against the sound effects of “15 Night”, a darker poem-like atmosphere, floating with the stimulating “Cycles” and settling into “Park”, an anthemic, never-want-it-to-end pop/rock jazz tune, before reemerging from dreams with the final song “Sketch #1”, each composition offers a fascinating path through the seen and unseen facets of this compelling music.

Visible/Invisible by Ryosuke Hashizume Group

Released in 2013 on Apollo Sounds as APLS-1304.

Japanese Names: Ryosuke Hashizume 橋爪亮督 Motohiko Ichino 市野元彦 Koichi Sato 佐藤浩一 Ryoji Orihara 織原良次 Manabu Hashimoto 橋本学

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Excerpt from "Cycles", one of the tunes on this album:

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