Four accomplished musicians reunite for Needful Things, a live recording of original compositions, bewitching music with a touching beauty.

Starting with a slow build-up of sounds and chant-like effects, the songs develop deeply, breathing traces of folk, pop, and contemporary jazz into melancholy themes. Without drums or percussion, the quartet is able to create a slightly floating feeling, while the players’ steady pulse keeps the time anchored, subtle yet solidly unwavering.

The players evoke a calm confidence together, creating music that grooves with tension and release, mixing solemnity with hopefulness, freedom with structure… a distinctively lovely product from these dedicated musicians.

Recorded live at Jalan Jalan in Wakayama, Japan on November 22-23, 2008.

Needful Things by Ryosuke Hashizume

Released in 2009 on Grapes Records as GPS-1206.

Japanese Names: Ryosuke Hashizume 橋爪亮督 Takumi Seino 清野拓巳 Masako Hamamura 浜村昌子 Yasutaka Yorozu 萬恭隆

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