Featuring Te, a 2014 release from pianist Sayaka Kishi, is a fun and bright collection of original solo piano tunes with some guest musicians contributing as well.

This album’s printed title feat.手 (“Featuring Hands”) fittingly describes the pianist’s concept, to create a fun jazz album showcasing original compositions for piano (and hands) with jazz, pop, and classical influences. As the songs play out, one gets the feeling of dipping into Kishi’s deep store of originals, ranging from upbeat energy to comfortable dreaminess with several musical genres melded together. Along with her compositions, the album closes with a graceful rendition of the traditional ballad “Danny Boy”.

Although this is mostly a solo piano album spotlighting Kishi and her music, two additional musicians join in on several tracks. Cellist Mayumi Sano performs with Kishi on three songs, presenting an early version of the piano-cello duo Arco who will go on to release Asymmetry in 2017 - track 3 “Hanaga Sakumade” (“Until the Flowers Bloom”) is a definite album highlight which features the pair. Vocalist Aya Kurosawa also adds her lovely, resonant vocals on one track. Overall, the 13 songs on this album offer a fun and creative exploration of the mind of a Japanese pianist and her compositions.

Featuring Te by Sayaka Kishi

Released in 2014 on Roving Spirits as RKC-8050.

Japanese Names: Sayaka Kishi 岸淑香 Mayumi Sano 佐野まゆみ Aya Kurosawa 黒沢綾

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