Seiji Endo, a poet at the piano, plays his original compositions for solo piano on his second solo album Circle for Peace. While he plays unaccompanied throughout, a children’s choir (Zushi Iruka Jido Gasshoudan) also joins him briefly on tracks 1 and 11, reminding one of the childlike purity and hopefulness conceived in his music.

Through sincerity depicted on the album cover and title, the concept is peace and comfort. Accordingly, Endo’s playing is full of emotion: tenderness and sensitivity ring throughout, with some melancholy mixed in, alternately romantic, classical, and soft pop at times. Melodic quotes from his previous album even make appearances. Overall, Endo conveys his personality through his soothing music filled with hope and beauty, calm and peace.

Circle for Peace by Seiji Endo

Released in 2016 on Nippon Acoustic Records, Inc as NARP-8009.

Japanese Names: Seiji Endo 遠藤征志

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