Sakura Meditation from pianist Seiji Endo is a gorgeous collection of evocative solo piano pieces. Though ten original compositions, Endo searches for the perfect phrase and dramatic touch to draw out emotion from these lush, beautifully pure compositions.

With most songs ranging from from three to five minutes apiece, strains of classical and slightly jazzy influences surface in the music, deep feeling ranging from pretty etude-like sketches to the childlike innocence of a lullabye, to pieces overflowing with romantic drama and emotional depth. Through Endo’s poetic style, his passion is strongly communicated through a soft touch and breath-like pulse: simplicity and brevity through an understated effectiveness.

Particularly striking are the two longest songs which develop slowly and powerfully. The seven-minute “Requiem and Hope” is a turbulent and profound exploration and plea, while the nine-minute title track “Sakura Meditation” unfolds from a mysterious 5/4 opening which ultimately resolves to a graceful, inspiring resolution.

Sakura Meditation by Seiji Endo

Released in 2012 on Concordia as CONR-002.

Japanese Names: Seiji Endo 遠藤征志

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Excerpt from "Sun, Moon, and Children Smile", the first track on this album:

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Oct 21, 2018