In memory of the lives taken by the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, three musicians formed the Tsutaete Ikou project. Pianist Seiji Endo and vocalists Hiroco Nagano and Shinya Nitta were touched by the brave and kindhearted students they met at a benefit concert, children who became an inspiration for the musicians.

“Tsutaete Ikou” is the resulting heart-warming anthem, dedicated to strengthening the spirit of survivors and helping to soothe painful memories. The title echoes a stone monument at Ishinomaki high school which promises to tell their story forever. After disasters such as this, one may feel hopeless individually, yet the act of remembering together, passing the message on, and uniting with music does wonders to support the spirit.

The CD contains three versions of the song “Tsutaete Ikou”, and proceeds were donated to affected disaster areas and educational funds for children.

Tsutaete Ikou by Seiji Endo

Released in 2015 on Music Art Records as MAR-1501.

Japanese Names: Hiroco Nagano 永野寛子 Shinya Nitta 仁田真也 Seiji Endo 遠藤征志 Yasuhiro Hasegawa 長谷川泰弘 Yoshiyuki Nakaya 中屋啓之 Arata Umehara 梅原新

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