Takako Yamada’s The Flow of Time features 11 original compositions from the pianist, a bold collection of exciting moods and modern compositions in adventurous style.

Starting assertively with a modern jazz/rock feel, electric guitar and acoustic piano lay out high opening stakes for an album filled with dramatic creativity. The songs explore moments of musical sensitivity, relaxed swing, Monkish joy and freedom, and bluesy contemplation, with full sounds of crystal piano tones, warm electric guitar, bright drum work and deep, dark bass anchoring the group sound.

For added variety, a wonderfully plaintive trumpet is present on several tracks and provides a sweet organic mellowness. Adding to the mix, some of the more magical parts of the album feature the lush instrumentation of ethereal tabla drums, interlude-like sections with a deep and exotic meditative tinge.

The Flow of Time by Takako Yamada

Released in 2013 on GoodNessPlus Records as GNPR-1146.

Japanese Names: Takako Yamada 山田貴子 Shinpei Ruike 類家心平 Koji Yasuda 安田幸司 Gaku Hasegawa 長谷川ガク Ko Omura 大村亘

Audio and Video

Excerpt from the opening track entitled "Land Scape":

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Jul 27, 2018