Tomoka Miwa, Tokyo-based jazz and pop singer, uses her jazz palette on Colors in Silence, a live recording from 2015. Playing with a piano, bass, and drums combo, she sings jazz standards such as “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “My Favorite Things” and the fan-favorite “A House Is Not A Home”. Some spice is added to the set with the classic bolero “Somos Novios”, and the groovy samba-funk “Skindo-le-le”, while the sultry “Love Dance” and the beautiful hymn “Hallelujah” add extra colors to the canvas.

The instrumental musicians get plenty of space for stretching out, with pianist Yuichi Narita pushing for moments of exploratory post-bop jazz with his solos. Each musician is also featured in a duet with the vocalist for extra variety.

Colors in Silence by Tomoka Miwa

Released in 2015 on Tomoka Miwa as MUW-002.

Japanese Names: Tomoka Miwa 三輪知可 Yuichi Narita 成田祐一 Daisuke Toi トオイダイスケ

Audio and Video

Excerpt from "Love Dance", the second track from this album:

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