The album Small Pieces for Flying Padre from Trio Export 63.1.0.X is a special release of a live jazz recording at Kanmachi 63 in Yokohama, Japan. The piano-bass-drums trio performs the set live as recorded, bringing the listener into the music through the raw recorded sound of the room for an “as if you were there” experience. The ambience of music in an enclosed space performed right in front of your eyes is captured well and transmits the energy of musical drama unfolding in unexpected ways.

This live set is a four-part jazz suite with original, extended explorations running from 8 to 13 minutes each. The compositions by pianist Heitetsu Rin are unique and hard to describe, although references to the styles of Charles Mingus or Duke Ellington music would not be entirely unsuitable.

The musicians go on a journey, from curiously exploring in “Part I”, to abstract windy rumblings in “Part II”, playful tumbling and jaunty plate-spinning in “Part III”, and off-kilter hooks and propulsive excitement in “Part IV”. There are composed musical themes and structures, yet with plenty of flexibility for stop-and-start breaks and free sections where the musicians react and respond to each other’s dynamics and accents within and around the musical blueprint. Each member works together yet with stimulating leeway, and as with another often-referenced live trio recording, Bill Evans’s Trio at the Village Vanguard, Trio Export’s members carry equal weight, working closely together in composed sections as well as decorating the music with individual dynamics and surprises.

Original, catchy, and unique, this handmade album is available for sale at the jazz bar where it was recorded live, Kanmachi 63.

Small Pieces for Flying Padre by Trio Export 63.1.0.X

Released in 2019 on Trio Export 63.1.0.X as Small Pieces for Flying Padre.

Japanese Names: Heitetsu Rin リンヘイテツ Keisuke Furuki 古木佳祐 Masatsugu Hattori 服部正嗣

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Excerpt from "Part I", the first track on this album:

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