Gallery is the 2008 debut release from jazz pianist Yukiko Hayakawa’s trio, an all-original outing with seven tracks clocking in at 44 minutes . Overall somewhat dark and musing, the music conveys mystery with pensive touches of nostalgia and grace.

Recorded with a live and echoey sound, the trio locks in with opening tracks “Mirage” and “Montmartre” setting up a smoky, laid-back atmosphere which runs through the album. The third tune “Happy Days” lifts the mood lightly with a swingy bounce, then “One Night” flirts with trembly space on a slow ballad. “Horoscope” is a funkier 4/4 tune, “Snow Crystal” drifts around with light delicacy, and the final track “Desier” features Hayakawa playing solo piano on an original showcase theme.

Gallery by Yukiko Hayakawa Trio

  • Yukiko Hayakawa - piano
  • Terumasa Nishikawa - bass
  • Keiichirou Uemura - drums

Released in 2008 on Ventain Records as VJYH-8461.

Japanese Names: Yukiko Hayakawa 早川由紀子 Terumasa Nishikawa 西川輝正 Keiichirou Uemura 上村計一郎

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