Gallery is the 2008 debut release from jazz pianist Yukiko Hayakawa’s trio, an all-original outing with seven tracks clocking in at 44 minutes . Overall somewhat dark and musing, the music conveys mystery with pensive touches of nostalgia and grace.

Recorded with a live and echoey sound, the trio locks in with opening tracks “Mirage” and “Montmartre” setting up a smoky, laid-back atmosphere which runs through the album. The third tune “Happy Days” lifts the mood lightly with a swingy bounce, then “One Night” flirts with trembly space on a slow ballad. “Horoscope” is a funkier 4/4 tune, “Snow Crystal” drifts around with light delicacy, and the final track “Desier” features Hayakawa playing solo piano on an original showcase theme.

Gallery by Yukiko Hayakawa Trio

Released in 2008 on Ventain Records as VJYH-8461.

Japanese Names: Yukiko Hayakawa 早川由紀子 Terumasa Nishikawa 西川輝正

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