A lovely place in one of the more expensive nightlife centers of the metropolis, Bar Barbra provides a fun balance of class and comfort, with beautiful vocalists, talented musicians, and snazzily-dressed bartenders. Classy cocktails are featured and light seasonal snacks are often available.

Grab a seat at the bar or amble right up to the seats at the piano to get close up to the performers and the music, where you can’t miss the large photo of the bar’s namesake celebrity near the piano, not to mention the huge and alluring artwork on the adjacent wall. If you’re up for it, request a song from the bar master Kazuma-san (“Can’t Help Falling In Love” is a winner) who was a young idol in the world of Tokyo pop in the past. Who knows, maybe you’ll also be able to join in on stage if there’s a jam session happening that night.

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Aug 29, 2022