Boozy Muse is a fresh, newer jazz bar that hosts jazz on most nights of the week. Artists range from vocal groups to instrumental groups, and the first set usually starts at 7:40 pm, wrapping up around 10:20 pm. Once in a while, there are daytime shows on Sundays or holidays. Drinks range from the usual beers, wine, and bottles of scotch, whiskey, and other liquors, and the food menu is the typical bar-style spaghetti and mini pizza choices. If it’s still there, try to spot the big baby bottle of liquor behind the bar.

What makes Boozy Muse special is the right-up-front seating, the friendliness of the musicians, the superior sound of the grand piano, and the slick wood paneling lining the walls and tables – as well as the wall-sized mirror alongside the pianist. A clean, professional yet friendly atmosphere makes this joint a consistently pleasing place to catch new jazz acts.

On special occasions such as CD release anniversaries, Boozy Muse can get filled up with advance reservations. If there is an artist you want to see here, reservations are recommended; on other nights, getting there early should suffice to get a good seat – at the bar, at a rear-side table, or right up front on the sofa seats right alongside and in front of the musicians.

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Jul 11, 2022