The Deep is a newer gem in Ginza which balances elegance and comfortable coziness. The friendly owner Ayako-san aims to provide a sophisticated atmosphere while feeling very friendly and down-to-earth. This jazz room is simply furnished with a grand piano in the center surrounded by couches, like an intimate living room, providing a good setting for jazzy romantic ballads and happy swing tunes.

“Jazzy soul and soulful jazz” is the motto here. The Okinawan owner Ayako-san (also a jazz vocalist with a husky, groovy style) speaks English and welcomes non-Japanese speakers. Meals and snacks are available: the shop features a great Okinawa Soba dish (a soup similar to ramen but with curlier Naha-style noodles and a slightly spicy/sour soup) and a hamburg patty and rice plate with gravy.

Also, for those interested in joining the band for a song or two, there is a weekly midnight session on Fridays and holidays which runs from around 11 pm until 3 am. Mostly featuring jazz tunes, vocalists or instrumentalists are welcome, or anybody who just wants to stay and listen to a variety of people having fun and singing their hearts out.

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Aug 8, 2022