“Smoking, Drinking, Never Thinking” is the motto here at Intro, a classic in the underground Tokyo jazz scene where jazz musicians of all stripes gather to hone their craft and have a good time. It seems that all Japanese jazz musicians know and honor this spot. Intro specializes in the jazz jam, meaning jazz musicians of all abilities congregate here to meet, rehearse, and play standard jazz tunes together. Intro is the spot to find touring musicians as well, who all seem to know to ask “where can I join an authentic jazz jam in Tokyo?” A formerly-secret bar that’s so well-known and respected that it is not a secret any longer and part of the living history of jazz in Japan, Intro is a must-visit for true jazz fans.

Also features an all-night, 12-hour, 5 pm to 5 am jazz session every Saturday night, the atmosphere can sometimes get a little rambunctious when the hot jazz starts cooking.

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Jul 18, 2022