Jazzspot J feels like a grandfather of jazz bars in Shinjuku –a legendary and well-known bar with a long history. Dark, old-fashioned, and reminiscent of classic performance showrooms, the club is a favorite for certain musicians as well as regular customers. The stage area with a grand piano at the far end of the room is perfect for small jazz groups but can also feature mini big bands from time to time.

The retro feeling of this jazz club even makes its way to the website calendar of events, which typically features a hand-drawn, colored sheet of information. One of the recurring acts at Jazzspot J is the Yuji Ohno trio, the piano trio behind the jazzy theme music for the renowned Japanese spy animation Lupin the Third.

Although the atmosphere and low-slung couches may seem outdated or stuffy at first glance, the well-dressed, professional staff makes you feel warmly welcome. The conventional menu includes cocktails, drinks, pizzas, pasta, and snacks.

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Sep 6, 2022