The other branch of this cute pair of elegant jazz bars that go by “Naru” in Tokyo, these are both elegant without overdoing it, clean and comfortable places. This Naru (near Yoyogi and Shinjuku stations) distinguishes itself from the other Ochanomizu location by featuring jazz vocalists on a regular basis, backed by professional musicians, typically piano and bass. From time to time, a drummer or percussionist will bring in their own set and band, making for a lively fun (and usually, sold-out) night of music.

Some Saturday nights feature a vocal session, which is a chance for aspiring vocalists to try out their voices, repertoire, and stage presence in order to get a chance to lead their own performance at some later date.

For those jazz fans who prefer small groups featuring jazz vocals, this bar is one of the best. On some special nights, a full band may even be featured.

This bar occupies a nice space in the jazz bar world of Tokyo because it is not too casual, but not too strict or expensive either. A great compromise of mid-range prices with a high-class yet comfortable atmosphere, as you may notice from the elegant mama-san, Misako-san, and her professional staff.

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Jul 1, 2022