Our Delight is a new entry on the scene, a clean and modern jazz space with a unique characteristic – a high open ceiling directly above the performance area, spanning about 5 floors and creating a large open space where the sound of the musicians can expand and flow upwards. This creates a natural reverberation effect which is especially enjoyable during solo piano concerts.

The admission ticket system includes two vouchers for drinks such as soda and beer, or you can supplement the voucher with extra money to pay for more expensive orders as well. The food menu features various dishes such as a delicious house pizza and a snack bowl filled with nuts and chips.

While taking photos during the performance here is not allowed, taking photos afterward with the musicians is possible and often encouraged. The owner of the shop also tends to take nice photos during the performance, and within a few days following the concert will post them online. This is a handy way to get nicely-shot souvenir photos of your night out at Our Delight.

Screen monitors are also hung in various locations to show the musicians from different angles, including directly onto the hands of the pianist from an overhead angle. This is a great benefit for those seated in the back, given those customers extra sight lines that even the front-row audience may not have.

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Aug 14, 2022