Porto is an unpretentious and comfy little bar in Nishi Nippori. Since the tiny bar is not equipped with a piano or a drum set, the performances often consist of a guitarist and vocal duo, with flute, harmonica, and other instruments appearing on occasion.

The bar is well-stocked and features a small selection of single malt scotches, as well as various cocktails and a few selections of snacks. A special feature at Porto is the delicious special Gargery beer, served in a stylish cone-shaped glass that rests tip-down in a matching glass cube where it sits between sips. Porto is the only jazz bar I know of that serves this rare, locally-produced beer, and I’m always eager to have a cone when I come to Porto.

Another fun feature of Porto occurs in certain performances when the guitarist and vocalist have their normal two sets of music, and then unplug and decide to bring their act to the customers’ bar area and do a short unplugged set right in the middle of everyone.

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Jul 8, 2022