Soultrane is a classic 2nd-floor jazz bar near the grand shrine in Akasaka. Surprisingly accessible location-wise, this is a funky hideaway den, filled with various unmatched chairs and side tables surrounding a larger dining-room style table in the center of the room. A nicely stocked bar with great views out the picture windows takes up one wall of the room, with a nice wrap-around bar. Also furnishing the room is a hodge-podge collection of knick-knacks, CDs, records, posters of jazz musicians and classic Hollywood stars, and a few standing drums and instruments.

A baby grand piano, stand-up bass, and drums are set up against the full-length floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall windows, which look out dramatically onto the coming-and-going elevated Tobu trains.

With a capacity for perhaps 20 people (30 would probably be a bit cramped), Soultrane provides a friendly and easygoing atmosphere for catching local jazz musicians and even joining the frequent open jazz jam sessions, starting at about 2000 yen.

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Jul 4, 2022